The Babel team is a family. We therefore believe in the importance of human quality in the selection of team members, in addition to hospitality and professional knowledge. We decided that we want to be the best workplace for our team, where professional development is as important as quality time outside of work and to have time to recharge is a possibility for everyone. That’s why we’ve introduced revolutionary changes in the world of fine dining to achieve our goals. We work normal number of hours and have free mornings or nights and a whole weekend. We don’t have 12-16 hours of exploitative and burn-out shifts in our restaurant. In return, we expect the maximum from our team during their shifts and when they create for our guests…

It is possible to study or study abroad and go on paid leave… It is possible to live a full life by overcoming the usual professional disadvantages and so creating sustainable working conditions in a livable way, where we can work together for a long time and work in this profession even at an old age.

Current open positions:

  • Pastry Chef
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Host/Hostess
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